CNC Turning

CNC Turning

We have 2 CNC lathes which can turn up to 320ᴓ (diameter).

We produce high quality products from single one off components, to large batch work and we also have a versatile programming system to suit a wide range of precision engineering jobs.

CNC Milling

CNC Milling

Our CNC milling machines including 3 and 2 axis bed mills with up to 1 meter of travel. They are capable of milling a wide range of materials to tight tolerances.

We also have a mini mill with 10 tool station tool changer, suitable for large quality batch work.

  • Machinery/Equipment


    Below is a list of our machinery and equipment

    • 2 XYZ CNC lathes
    • 1, 3 axis CNC bed mill
    • 1, 2 axis CNC bed mill
    • 1 mini mill with 10 station tool changer
    • 2 manual milling machines
    • 2 manual lathes
    • Surface grinder
    • Automated turret lathe
  • Machine Capability


    • 2 CNC Lathes up to 300 dia x 1000 between centres.
    • Manual centre Lathe with 450 dia Chuck with gap bed which can turn 300 x 2 meters between centres.

    2x Tool Room Lathes

    • Emimec auto turret lathe up to 50 dia.
    • Emimec auto turret lathe up to 26 dia.


    • CNC 3 axis milling machine with 750 x 450 x 500 travel.
    • CNC 2 axis milling machine with 950 x 450 x 400 travel.
    • CNC machining centre with 10 tool change 370 x 300 x 200 travel.

    Other machine tools include:

    • Surface grinder, 4 Spindle drilling and Key seater Etc.

    More machine tools available. For more information please contact us with any enquires, we’d be happy to help.